Mishaps of Musty Suffer Volume 2 DVD

This second volume of “whirls” from the 1916-17 silent comedy film series The Mishaps of Musty Suffer features four more entries in which Musty Suffer works in an arcade and as a messenger boy, has his body and face repeatedly mangled in the hopes of getting a meal, and is gifted a pantomime horse by the itinerant Fairy Tramp for a business opportunity. Also on the DVD as bonuses are Bickel & Watson’s first film from 1915, and a 1910 newsreel that contains footage of them as members of a clown band as well as of Bert Williams doing some of his boxing routine.

These films have been preserved by the Library of Congress and have never been available on video. New musical scores for all six films have been composed and recorded by Ben Model.

Showing Some Speed (1916) – 13 mins
Out of Order (1916) – 13 mins
Musty’s Vacation (1916) – 13 mins
Strictly Private (1916) – 13 mins
Actors Fund Field Day (1910) – 5 mins
The Fixer (1915) – (1916) – 33 mins

97 min ● B&W ● stereo ● 4:3 aspect ratio ● Not Rated ● NTSC ● Region 0 (all-regions)
Produced for DVD by Ben Model/Undercrank Productions
Curated by Steve Massa and Ben Model
Release date: April 2015

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