Tom Mix was one of the silent era’s biggest stars, appearing in 83 feature-length films from 1918-1929 – most of which are lost. His name, his face and trademark white 10-gallon hat are known to classic film fans, but most people have never seen one of Tom Mix’s iconic Westerns. This release presents two of his surviving features, Sky High (1922) and The Big Diamond Robbery (1929) in new 2K digital restorations. 

In Sky High (1922) Tom battles a ring of corrupt jewel smugglers who have also kidnapped the daughter of the businessman bankrolling their operation. The film features breathtaking scenes filmed on location at the Grand Canyon, adding a stunning backdrop to this action-packed adventure. Sky High was added to the National Film Registry in 1998. A wealthy tycoon hires cowboy Tom in The Big Diamond Robbery (1929) to break his roaring-20s daughter of her thrill-seeking habits. When her prized diamond necklace is stolen by gangsters, Tom and the young woman go in pursuit of it out west. This was Tom Mix’s last silent film, and has not been seen since its original release by FBO in 1929.

Both films are presented in new 2K restorations of archival 35mm prints preserved by the Library of Congress and Lobster Films, and feature new theatre organ scores by Ben Model. DVD and Blu-ray are NTSC, Region-free.

Sky High (1922) – 58 min.
The Big Diamond Robbery (1929) – 65 min.

Format: Blu-ray / DVD 
123 mins ● B&W/tinted ● Silent with score (stereo) ● 1:33:1 aspect ratio ● Not Rated ● Region ABC (all-regions) for Blu-ray ● NTSC Region 3 for DVD
An Undercrank Productions/Library of Congress release. Produced for home video by Ben Model.
Associate Producer: Crystal Kui.
Release date: July 18 2023

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“This week marked my official introduction to Hollywood’s first cowboy superstar and it’s fair to say Sky High sent me into orbit.”
Media Play News

“The stunt work, much of which is done by the then 49-year-old Mix, is the key selling point; the Blu-ray features crisp 2K restorations…”
The LABeat

“Mix’s westerns were a much-anticipated staple of movie-going for audiences and theater owners, and yet his films are relatively unknown, even to fans of classic cinema.”
Geek Vibes Nation

“Tom is always a gentleman with the demure heroine, and he wears a BIG white hat.”
Glenn Erickson

Sky High/The Big Diamond Robbery puts together two of Mix’s most important titles. Sky High was drafted in the National Film Registry. The Big Diamond Robbery was Mix’s final silent feature.”
Pop Matters

“The Western films of Tom Mix fulfill one of the most basic rules of cinema: these are movies that move. For those unfamiliar with them, this Blu-Ray double feature will make a delightful introduction.”
J.B. Kaufman’s “Movie of the Month”

“…the 2K scans are impressive and the materials are fortunately in better shape than even I expected. In some shots, these look great! We also get two new music scores by Ben Model…and the music is solid, as usual for his heartfelt work”
Fulvue Drive-in